Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is the Jam

1998 - Harlem rapper G Dep signs to a $350, 000 record deal with Bad Boy Records and subsequently is used for a few singles and dropped, as is the case with most Bad Boy artists post-B.I.G.

2010 -  After scoring over 25 arrests since 2003, G Dep turns himself in to the police for a 17 year old cold case murder that he otherwise could have likely gotten away with for life. He did so to "get right with god".

But before all that, he cut the obscure single "Head over wheels" (a clever play on words for a song about bagging girls with his nice car) in 1996. Like fellow Harlem natives Camron and Mase, his laid back flow lets the rhymes fall where they may - even though the rapid, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes betray a more serious writer. This is the drawn out DJ Premier remix - a hazy, relaxed groove that makes you feel like you're at a barbecue on the roof at Dan Olivencia's old place. Light something up to this hypnotic jam for G Dep behind bars tonight.

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