Friday, December 12, 2014

"The very last Biolich show ever was at a venue called Brooklyn Fireproof, I'm pretty sure that's the name. Walter booked it, good dude. He later went on some crazy eskimo fishing voyage. I remember Tom tried to play with only a snare, like 2 cymbals and not toms but hadn't rehearsed like that and it went horrible. Andrew broke a string and I had to talk awkwardly to the crowd for what seemed like 15 minutes. I also threw up into a beer bottle during the last song. Andrew and I rolled a blunt in an adjacent room afterwards and smoked it on the fire escape. Nobody, including us, knew that was going to be our last show. Things were already weird, they just kept getting weirder."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

The band name "Buckshot Facelift" explained

Taken from a statement on the Buckshot Facelift facebook page:

"We get asked about our name sometimes and how it reflects our views on suicide and violence in general.

The name "Buckshot Facelift" comes from the juxtaposition of glamour and violence in our society. We reject the money and sex driven fashion infatuation that has infected our culture and even our music scene (mass produced Luciferian pop music sounding vaguely like Metal, Hardcore or HipHop but with no integrity or stance on anything).

Glamorous Hollywood excess and casual portrayals of violence - Both are driving profits through the roof for old perverts in suits somewhere while they destroy our perceptions of humanity and reality."

Sunday, April 27, 2014

"What's he saying?"

Here are the complete lyrics to the Artificial Brain album "Labyrinth Constellation", including the correct version of "Brain Transplant", of which a few lines were accidentally left out in the cd booklet.
All lyrics by William Smith.

“Brain Transplant"
(In memory of Joe Ptacek. R.I.P. 1972 – 2010)
Cells scattered in electronic ghosts of pulse
Dreams of futile flesh…
Hindsight’s remembrance of members and bowels
Heroes of hopes broken, throw in the towel…)
Wisdom and crafts of the pioneers – never lose them in these cold years
(Repeat chorus)
Broken, dreamless in frozen worship
Into the necrosphere, beyond the world of waking men
Where horror and moral terror are your friends

“Absorbing Black Ignition” 
Gemini – twin of two extremes
Symmetry – polarized at the seam
The side of dirt – an animal ignited
The side of the vacuum – existing in psychic
“Flesh is just mud, until tempered with fire
Heaving balance, a dimension of fibers”
Summoning energy, twins of darkness and light
Grey equation, charged with blackness beyond nights
“Soil, water, light – temples of the flesh which channel  seas of urge.”
Gemini – twin of two extremes
Symmetry – polarized at the seam
“Flesh is just mud, until tempered with fire
Heaving balance, a dimension of fibers”

“Wired Opposites” 
Antique satellite solitude
Cyborg sentient molecules
After it purges its bowels into the night sky
It’s free of light, free of programmed cognizance
Free from wired opposites, free to implode on itself into afterlife
Unchained from spite…)
The flea that sucks at the udder, chittering through centuries…
The gravity that drains all gutters, the chattering laughter of silent space…
(Repeat chorus)
The swirling gaseous halo, leaving embers of entire systems…
The rat that ate its own tail until it became God…
(As I’m blinking, witness visions, witness suns
Witness the words of planets with tongues) (repeat)
Into blackness, into nothing
Limitless potential…
Abysmal night sky!
Gorged on the ghosts of dead stars!
Scarred by rotting light – one day, when days are no more, you’ll be pure…

“ Worm Harvester” 
Punctured - by a thousand probing pinheads
Blanketed - by fleshbeds of syringes
Paralyzed - in muffled writhing
Suffocating - frozen in shock
Catatonic coma – a warm, worm harvester
Lucid larvae share in the emptiness of your dreams…
(Infected with billions of eggs…)
Feel them grow and twitch – incubated cyst
Bubbling blisters leak – “I thought I heard one speak…”
Swarmed from head to toe – milky overflow
Pockmarked human husk – a bitter, bleachy musk
Just before you finally fade away into the relief of death
Feel them hatch and squirm
Healthy, strong - you've kept them warm...
(Digging from underneath the skin
Translucent teeth resemble tiny fins
Shredding all that’s left from within
“Incubation of a million pins.”)

“Frozen Planets”
Frozen planets, whose trees no longer sway
Stark, motionless concrete chill where winds have died and all is still
Echoes of the ghosts of life, like the gusts of a leaf taunting gravity -
In its descent from naked, outstretched bark genitalia.
In awkward angles against the slate blue skies -
The blue of  haunted warehoused machines,
who long for lives that they wouldn’t know what to do with…
“No sunsets here
Just rotations of different distant moons and skewed melting of lights hue.
Burned out stars, like butted cigars.
Pieces of shattered homes, oceans misled into suns.”
Divisive sciences come and go – lost signals in sullen grey glow
(Your empty words.)

“Bastard Planet”
Son, Son of sun
Sum, sum of light
Something across skies at night
(Zombie god with no will but to create.)
Preserved, burning bright – to save us at the end of time?
Or to guide us and enslave our mind?
Insignificant savior to the blind
Enliched organic altar
“Arise to save your swine.
A man is possessed by god how a dam is possessed by logs.”
Surging swell of light like an explosion
The essence of night controls the erosion of undigested diatribes
(Zombie god with no will but to create.)

“Labyrinth Constellation” 
Solitude – truth in absence
A million light-years away…
A barren abyss – broken
In pieces, flaking frozen)
Stewing, swirling, slow motion labyrinth constellation
I alone speak with the wobbling sun
It cries to me as it licks stars clean
(Repeat chorus)
“But even though my fire has grown cold, its embers burn…
…My embers have the patience of piranhas.
In my renaissance, my tongues will be trees.
I will vomit thunder through teeth made of mountains.
So many tides have flushed my age away
And with it worn darkness to grey.”

“Hormones Echo” 
Echoes of rage skid across linear time…
Legacy of hearts wound chills spine
Shrieking, shadowed sound silhouette
Body long gone but not silenced yet
Intense sensation of soul’s memory projected through centuries
“Doomed in repetition – a listless photograph of a dead man’s ambition
Blurry essence of eternal imprint 
Not in space, but in time, distant
Reflections of every worst moment
Play out never reaching atonement”
Lives played out now cast into forgotten silence 
Leaving only lingering sorrows born of violence
(Legacy of hearts wound chills spine
Shrieking, shadowed sound silhouette
Body long gone but not silenced yet
Intense sensation of soul’s memory projected through centuries…)

“Moon Funeral” 
A vastly rooted world tree which absorbs knowledge from air and disperses it to the bowels
Through the clay, to the core of its anchor
“A planet which walks in a swarm of suspended moons
It burns itself upon the sun to build immunity to radiation.
It gorges itself on poisonous light and colon spasms its roots unto the sediment.”
Poisoned… to the water and soil and organs
Machinery of constellations
“Mud is the cradle of light into matter, scum and waste filtered in bladder.
Oh, Wooden Terra Satellite”
A vane planet, killing itself
Toxic anguish, globally felt
“A planet which walks in a swarm of suspended moons, it burns itself upon the sun to
Build immunity to radiation, it gorges itself on poisonous light.”

“Orbital Gait” 
Tides that sweep all shores, of all vast stretches, of all bouldered beaches
To the streams and rivers of ebbed reaches
Cling to the grounded balance of gravity
Precipitated moisture locked in atmospheric lull
Planets perception becomes cataracted
As the empty fog of dreams darkens…
Contaminating seas in seconds, holocausting plants from below
Waves of festering nausea, beached whales writhe under the crows
Darkness concentrated, slick and pulsating
Floods uncharted equations, consuming stability
Once a fertile sphere, now a diseased bowel
“Perpetually reflushing its own soul sepsis”
Expansive energy clouds of misted souls seep from neighboring wormholes,
Infusing dead worlds as enliched bacteria gushes forth from craterous pores.
Resurrected in eternal life.)
(Repeat chorus)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

ex-Soilent Green guitarist communes with insects via music

Donovan Punch (original member of Soilent Green) serenades ants:

No, really. This guy is out of his mind. Black Metal/Cockroach papercraft fetishism.