Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free quality death metal all day

Torture Division from Sweden play very catchy, very brutal oldschool death metal. They are obviously veteran musicians and lifelong lovers of the oldschool underground death metal scene. At times the very throaty, pronounced vocals and "street level" lyrical approach (the first line of the new ep is "Fuck off!") remind me of older Malevolent Creation and many of the crossover death/thrash bands of yesteryear. Torture Division, however, are from Sweden and flex on what sounds like a very dominant early 90s Florida influence with state of the art European musicianship and a tendency to summon up thoughts of the whole Carnage/Entombed/Dismember thing before it got out of hand. What's more, Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, etc.) produced their latest, ahem, 3 song demo (not album). These guys have committed themselves to giving their music away for free since they started, and have consistently released music in the short format of 3 or so song demos - talk about keeping it oldschool. This is fun stuff, don't sleep on it. Download all their stuff here.


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