Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old Boar / Copremesis split BBQ

Even though I wasn't with my 2004 Team this weekend, I'm glad they were still keeping other traditions alive.

"The pain remains, but frame by frame we make the sickest scene" - Jazzy Jeff

"Raise the fucking Goat Skull"
- traditional

"Iniquity, yo, Iniquity.......Nah, yo...."

"Did you eat all those chips?"
"I might have caught Demigod, but I missed Paulos famous Pork Loin. Fuck."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Maryland Slow Fest (formerly Maryland Deathfest) post

"Famous Thai Shrimpcakes"
Just got back from the Maryland Stoner rock and black metal festival, had a great time despite the fact that death metal bands are becoming an endangered species on the lineup these days...
Big shout to "chicken suit guy", "Nocturnus shirt guy"," the grey twins", "Face tat", "short Antimo" and all the other people I don't know but who come back every year, just like me. I didn't see "customized fitted hat kid" or "Filipino Michael Jackson dancer" this year, you guys need to come back hard.

Here are the facts:

-Napalm Death were complete pros.
-Suffocation were complete bros. Made me proud to be from Long Island.
-Luisma from Haemmorhage = best frontman in goregrind now that Antimo's out of the game.
-Morbid Angel pretended the new album never happened and we were all so eager to play along.
- Mortuary Drape played the last set of the whole fest and got me so worked up I wished I could press resart.
-Andrew broke a string on stage.
- Jim cut his hair.
-Kevin Bacon's son sang a song with Nasum.
-Bloody Phoenix has two hot chicks singing for them.
-Backslider repped shit hard. Don't fuck with those little dudes.
-Anvil was fun, but what death metal band lost a spot so they could play?
-Macabre and Demigod should have played much later. I thought it was supposed to be a "Death" fest.
-Scotnick is gross.
- More people know Biolich now than the year we played.
-Tremont hotel = pleasure doing business with you
-Brain Campaign rushed the liquor store for 30 racks of budweiser right quick while crusties were critiquing ales.
- We listened and danced to a lot of Phil Collins this weekend. like a lot.

 I love you, Maryland Deathfest, but if you don't step up your Death Metal and Goregrind game next year, I think we're through.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The TRUE Gorenoise undergound...

Party time.

Adam Rotella, truest of the oldschool underground noisecore filthmongers, contributed some reviews recently to "Shitlovers webzine", which was named in honor the second demo by "Regurgitated Corpse", one of his many obscure, obscene one man projects from years past. Included you will find a review of Dan Olivencia's "Couch" demo from 2011 and a bootleg Buckshot Facelift tape we made to kill time before the new album. Let's see what else Adam has dredged up from the trailer park tape labels of the world lately...

Shitlovers Webzine