Friday, November 30, 2012

The True Noisegore Misanthrope

Since the early 90s, my old friend Adam Rotella has been been recording home made noisecore tapes and mailing out home dubbed copies with photocopied covers to anyone who was subterranean enough to know or care. His most notable projects being Regurgitated Corpse and ANAL BIRTH, which had a tons of releases including a full length cd on Klysma Records, a cult grind label run by Marc of Last Days of Humanity. Now, in 2012, he's still doing the same oldschool tapetrading as always. No computer programs, just 4 tracks, tapes, drum machines and garbage style instruments and pedals. New projects include:

- "A.I.D.S. Denialist" - A primitive, pitchshifted noiscore explosion which was a collaboration with the now deceased Philip Tarr (R.I.P.) (a boxer and noisecore artist from Canada).

- " Joy of Torture" -  Another post office 4 track collaboration with fellow oldschool noise freak Steve Embryo. "Joy of Torture" sounds something like Mortician covering Gut (for whom the band is named) after a long day of drinking and butchering pigs.

-"Worse Than Ever" Adam takes on vocal duties in a grimy, raw hardcore band with some family members and his old friend, Brian.(Cavernous Sores). This is as blue collar and street level as it gets. Not for EMOs.

-"Wormclogged Blisters" Somebody forgot to tell Adam that its not 1993 and people don't put out this many tapes anymore, oh well - this one sounds like a shop vac trying to clean up a bucket of worms. Fuckin gross.

-"Cavernous Sores" - He's had this one going for a while now I think. Adam fucks up guitars while Brian plays live drums. Noisegore filth fest.

And that's just what he's been up to lately. If you really want to fuck with an underground noisecore tape label with extreme and offensive music that acts like it's stuck in a time warp, then go to:

But don't blame me when you scare yourself.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holy shit.

Wow. At about 3:30, I just gave up and wet myself. Behemoth wins at Metal videos. Seriously, watch this.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Death Metal Eggplant Parm Recipe

I basically layered two layers of these eggplant patties with tomato sauce and grated cheese, then baked it at 350 until the cheese looked like the pan on the left above. If you want the real Italian way then google it, I'm Polish.

I grew these eggplants right in my backyard. You'd be surprised how far two eggplants will go. I peeled them first with a vegetable peeler and sliced them wide (1/4" - 1/2"), which helps keep from frying out the eggplant flavor. I then dipped them thoroughly through some eggs mixed with generic Italian themed bread crumbs (crushed up croutons would probably do fine if I didn't have that.). (Approximately 1 tablespoon of crumbs per 2 eggs.) You can add in your own stuff here for flavor like minced chili peppers, crushed ginger, anything you want to get loose with - it's your business. I keep it simple. Just keep the batter mostly egg and not too thick like cement mix. Otherwise it will look like the eggplant pattie all the way to the right in the frying pan, after which I changed the consistency of the batter. I chose to fry them in vegetable oil, which I changed and wiped the pan (wearing an oven mitt so I didn't burn my goddamn hands) every 6 patties. If you don't have oil then just butter them or spray PAM on them and put them in the oven on 350. DON'T LET THAT SHIT BURN. Flip them when the bottom half looks golden brown like fucking sand on a NILE album cover.  (Both sides should resemble picture at right). Let them sit on towels to drain the oil. After that I layer them with thin layers of grated parm and mozz cheese mixed with tomato sauce. Again, if you want to get cute with fried peppers and hot sauce in the layers it's your business.

Hey, buddy

The Buckshot Facelift Blog has been updated. Do it. Do it.

Killharmonic (Indonesia) - 2012 one song promo

Unique and talented progressive death metal. They quickly go from a flashy tech death intro into an unexpected atmospheric jazz interlude with guttural vocals - things pick up speed for awhile with a straight-forward barrage of brutal, technical Death Metal. Low end vocals, relentless drumming and twin guitar shredding are all done just right. These guys will not disappoint anyone looking for a new fix of Chuck Schuldiner inspired metal, but they seem to channel in  plenty of Suffocation and Immolation at times to, which makes the aforementioned atmospheric part right in the beginning stand out even more. This is not a perfectly polished flawless recording, but it is a one song promo of  some hungry, inspired young Indonesian metalheads. These guys are obviously well versed in the European and American traditions of technical, brutal Death Metal and are ready to put their own spin on it. I found this, as well as a free EP from 2009, on - here's the link:

Killharmonic - promo 2012 download

Peanut Butter and Jelly with Ba -nay-nays

With Thanksgiving coming, I thought I'd share some time honored recipes from my simple Huntington Station kitchen for you to share with your family this holiday season. This first one I literally eat for breakfast almost every day-  it's quick, convenient, filling and somewhat healthy. For "americana", I've used all big name brands that are loaded in sugar and preservatives, but you can go to Trader Joes like a vegan black metal drummer if you want.

Step 1 - make a goddamn Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich like normal, only don't put it together yet.

Step 2 - Cut some bananas up on that bitch.

Step 3 - Put on "As the gods succumbed " (live version) by Adramelech.

Step 4 - Eat that shit proper.
Fuck yea, Adramelech.

Editors note: All similarities to a vegan friendly meal are purely coincidental.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Big Boy toys

Took this picture to show my father what was parked outside the house for a few minutes today. This is the "Cadillac" of CAT industrial machines.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Buckshot Facelift News

"Buckshot Facelift salutes the brave Firefighters, EMS, Police and humanitarian workers fighting to help our home in the wake of these events and the their aftermath. We would also like to acknowledge the I.B.E.W. workers from all parts of the United States who are doing dangerous work here to regain our electric services."

-Taken from our most recent blog update.

I know I joke around a lot and placed emphasis on Halloween and dead trees, but I just wanted to share a little reality as well.

Lots of new Buckshot Facelift news, check out our new preview song, "Touch the Monolith" featuring El Diablo Mike, and check out our campaign to finance the new album through supporters like you on for special merchandise and deals on the album.
 Buckshot Facelift Official Blog

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Sun Aeon (Finland) - "Frozen"

Perfect song for Long Island tonight. Taken from the double cd "Routa", which was a concept album about the epic snowfall in Finland during 2009. I wore this album out during the brutal NY winter of 2010/11 and even listened to it last year wishing for snow during a winter full of barren skies. Be careful what you wish for...  This band is brilliant and deserves some credit.

Huntington Station Noreaster Update

Pictures taken 11/8/12 9 AM, Huntington Station, NY

Shout to everyone dealing with 8 inches of snow in Valley Stream (home of Artificial Brain), where some people are still without power. This fucked it up even if you were trying to ride a bike to avoid using gas.

Late Hurricane Sandy pics

Fixed a fence.

Found a Newt.

Halloween is never cancelled.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Huntington Station Noreaster Update

Huntington Station, Long Island, NY 11/07/12 8:05 PM

The last thing we need now...

Buffalinos don't cry

Tom Anderer (A.K.A. "Swimmin"), Bass player of Buckshot Facelift, displays his more melodic side with an acoustic performance of a new song by "Thirsty", the band he plays guitar in.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blackout Halloween in Huntington Station

Thankfully, this was most of our property damage, which we were able to fix ourselves. A big tree limb came over the fence as well, but we made short work of it with a chainsaw.

Alyssum for the eyes, rose pedals for the mouth.
I made sure to design an extra special pagan scarecrow to represent the ghost of all the downed trees. I also sought to appease the spirit of Halloween as not to incur it's wrath during a blackout in Huntington Station.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update Via Ra

Hecksher Town Park, Huntington Long Island

Hecksher Town Park, Huntington Long Island

But it was still Halloween in Huntington Station

I have no internet, this whole post through Ra via phone so shout to him. Pictures of the hood soon.
Long Island be good and hold your families down. - WS