Sunday, November 18, 2012

Killharmonic (Indonesia) - 2012 one song promo

Unique and talented progressive death metal. They quickly go from a flashy tech death intro into an unexpected atmospheric jazz interlude with guttural vocals - things pick up speed for awhile with a straight-forward barrage of brutal, technical Death Metal. Low end vocals, relentless drumming and twin guitar shredding are all done just right. These guys will not disappoint anyone looking for a new fix of Chuck Schuldiner inspired metal, but they seem to channel in  plenty of Suffocation and Immolation at times to, which makes the aforementioned atmospheric part right in the beginning stand out even more. This is not a perfectly polished flawless recording, but it is a one song promo of  some hungry, inspired young Indonesian metalheads. These guys are obviously well versed in the European and American traditions of technical, brutal Death Metal and are ready to put their own spin on it. I found this, as well as a free EP from 2009, on - here's the link:

Killharmonic - promo 2012 download

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