Friday, November 30, 2012

The True Noisegore Misanthrope

Since the early 90s, my old friend Adam Rotella has been been recording home made noisecore tapes and mailing out home dubbed copies with photocopied covers to anyone who was subterranean enough to know or care. His most notable projects being Regurgitated Corpse and ANAL BIRTH, which had a tons of releases including a full length cd on Klysma Records, a cult grind label run by Marc of Last Days of Humanity. Now, in 2012, he's still doing the same oldschool tapetrading as always. No computer programs, just 4 tracks, tapes, drum machines and garbage style instruments and pedals. New projects include:

- "A.I.D.S. Denialist" - A primitive, pitchshifted noiscore explosion which was a collaboration with the now deceased Philip Tarr (R.I.P.) (a boxer and noisecore artist from Canada).

- " Joy of Torture" -  Another post office 4 track collaboration with fellow oldschool noise freak Steve Embryo. "Joy of Torture" sounds something like Mortician covering Gut (for whom the band is named) after a long day of drinking and butchering pigs.

-"Worse Than Ever" Adam takes on vocal duties in a grimy, raw hardcore band with some family members and his old friend, Brian.(Cavernous Sores). This is as blue collar and street level as it gets. Not for EMOs.

-"Wormclogged Blisters" Somebody forgot to tell Adam that its not 1993 and people don't put out this many tapes anymore, oh well - this one sounds like a shop vac trying to clean up a bucket of worms. Fuckin gross.

-"Cavernous Sores" - He's had this one going for a while now I think. Adam fucks up guitars while Brian plays live drums. Noisegore filth fest.

And that's just what he's been up to lately. If you really want to fuck with an underground noisecore tape label with extreme and offensive music that acts like it's stuck in a time warp, then go to:

But don't blame me when you scare yourself.

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