Friday, August 26, 2011

Best death metal video ever

Animals Killing People with their video for "Humans Disgusting Species".
It is no secret in the New York City area underground scene that Columbian immigrants are some of the most true and dedicated Death metal warriors you will find. After Internal Suffering moved here and spent most of the early 2000s putting everyone else playing death metal in NY to shame, the gates were wide open for the newer breed of Columbian guttural grind freaks. Perhaps what sets Animals Killing People apart from many of their contemporaries is that they pair the obligatory relentless blasting and septic tank vocals with an aesthetic of fanatical extremist animal rights and vegetarianism. I was in a band with some of these guys for a short time, not only are they the real thing but they have huge cats where they practice. Like  25 pound cats walking around while they jam.

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