Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More amazing Polish tech death

I stumbled upon a group of ambitious young men from Poland who go by the name "Banisher". They have decided to release a full length album entitled "Slaughterhouse" for free online. The first thing that struck me about Banisher was how they managed to incorporate dynamic jazz and funk rhythms with vast progressive flourishes but stayed thoroughly death metal. The next thing was how guttural and brutal this was for such a diverse and musically adventurous band. In an unfortunate era where many "tech death" bands are just metalcore riffmeisters trying to out pick each other, Banisher retains a strong death metal front at all times while effortlessly shifting through the varied scenes of their accomplished repertoire. While listening to "Slaughterhouse" I was reminded very much of classic Cryptopsy, Atheist, Necrophagist and, to cite a more modern contemporary, Decrepit Birth. The guitar leads are particularly well executed and call to mind genre standouts such as Deaths "Human" and Pestilences "Testimony of the Ancients" albums. This is an amazingly tight, well produced, well written album of unique, progressive death metal.. It stands apart and hopefully will get more recognition in the years to come. Besides that its free so cop it.
Download Banisher
Banisher Myspace

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