Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok, you always hear how the Norwegian black metal scene started rejecting American death metal because the guys in Florida dressed like skaters and rocked sweatsuits and sneakers. Peep this.

Ok? Not just the guitar and the drumstick-inverted cross, but my man right there has a mullet and a "Punisher War Journal" shirt with Spiderman on it. Not to mention metal fist on the left. The corpsepaint and swords and all that was hot but it just wasn't how they got down in florida in the late 80s/early 90s. Anyway, these metal bros are fuckin' NOCTURNUS, and in case you didn't know they changed the game for keeps big time when they threw keyboards and dual lead guitars all over satan and space on their classic Earache records debut album "The Key". I'll let them expound on some of the differences between the Florida and European scenes back in the day in this old video that mixes some very prophetic interview footage with live shots. This may be one of the few chances you ever get to watch a band with a drummer and keyboard player both doing death metal vocals.

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