Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't miss Dephosphorus

If you're not hip to these guys then get on it now - this is one of the most amazing bands I've heard in years. Hailing from Greece, Dephosphorus delivers a style of brutal, raw music that can be hard to pinpoint. Though backed by a solid engine of precise but relentless blasting and doublebassy stomping breakdowns that sound like the drums must have had pieces flying off, they often manage to take songs into a dismal, churning fury of doom just long enough for you to catch your breath for the next break neck speed ride straight to Hades. Though at times they summon d-beats, oldschool metal doom, and even the fury of speeding punk and grind, they manage to keep everything part of the same uniform, deathly atmosphere and no part ever seems out of place.Whats more, watch out for occasional flourishes of experimental electronics that don't overpower, but compliment said atmosphere. Instead of mishmoshing genres, they bring everything to a natural hybrid that embodies all of the strengths and leaves behind the trappings of genres. All that being said, I know Paulo is thinking "but Will, what do they sing about?". Well, fuckin' Paulo, the lyrics are amazing. These guys are on some next level space ritual shit and have the sweet artwork to prove it. They collaborated on a song with one of the guys from Unearthly Trance so get down with this shit before it's hot in Brooklyn. This is the metal of the future. Anyway, my future. They put out a big gatefold record that comes with a shirt, but decided to let everyone download it here for free.


  1. "Space and time continuum death metal?" Oh shit.

  2. What a magnificent band!Great review butI think you forgot to mention the black metal influences there as well bro.I havent stoped listening to this amazing record.Plus tha two new songs from their upcoming album sound even better.