Tuesday, August 30, 2011

COUCH (Ex - Biolich)

Just heard some rough mixes of Dans new one man project of noisy, lurching Doom metal, "Couch". Look out for the 3 song demo soon on a new tape label I'm starting just for the occasion. For those who don't know, Dan Olivencia has played bass in Biolich, Castevet, Copremesis, Omnicron, Omega Red, Ooie Gooie, and Two Fisted Law (guitar). When asked about Couch, Dan explained that it was much easier playing all the instruments himself because it gave him the creative freedom he feels he lacked in Biolich. In fact, the coming Couch demo will feature one song Dan wrote for Biolich but didn't get to record before the band broke up. Don't expect it to sound anything like bands Dan has been in though, Couch takes the relentless grinding death metal of his past and slows it down to a grueling, multi-layered wash of noisy black doom highlighted by occasional keyboards and metal lead guitars. It's been too long since this guy has unleashed his talent on the underground scene so check back soon for more info....  

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  1. Pure COUCH-potato slowsludgecheesedoodles! Is what that is! I just reviewed this tape for the new zine of James Tarr who used to do Intestine Stew Tapes and It'll be a paper one, too you computer-sucking geek bastards!!! DEEZ NUTZ!!!