Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beef Wellington

Know why these English guys are so pissed off? Because they fucking hate Alex and Paulo from Copremesis. If you notice -Limey to the left is wearing a Defeated Sanity shirt. Clearly, they were upset that Copremesis supported Defeated Sanity on their 2008 U.S. tour. Bald Benedict on the right has a classic logo Deranged shirt on, unmistakably a reference to Deranged breaking up and failing to appear at the Maryland Deathfest 2008 - where they would have shared the stage with Copremesis.They probably hate Daniel, to. They wrote this whole song about Copremesis:

I don't know how the beef started, but I'd imagine it had something to do with this rascal.  
Maybe him and Alex got into it on an anime message board, or perhaps those are Paulos first pair of childhood glasses, from when he came to our country as a 10 year old, dorky asian kid. Why did you steal his glasses, Guvnor?  All I know is when there's beef , I always got one oldschool homie I can count on... 

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