Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best MC name ever.

Uncle Murda - "Warning"
 Be sure to watch for the scenes where he raps dressed up like Rambo, Freddy Krueger and Jason from Friday the 13th wearing a Run DMC hat for some reason. Who knew Uncle Murda was so into Halloween? There's also a few funny shots that are supposed to be making fun of P Diddy or Nick Cannon (or both). Although I gave up on the radio for hip hop a long time ago, I am subjected to alot of Hot97 and Power 105 (the only two hip hop stations in NY) at work. For some reason this song really clicked with me. I prefer Uncle Murdas more raw freestyles and mixtape material, but in context of being familiar with him, it's fun to watch him finally get some overkill-repetitive mind control radio rotation shine. Plus in the course of the song rival MCs get compared to Chico Debarge, Milli Vanilli and chihuahas. Maybe he'll knock out one of these Young Money rappers at an awards show or something. This is about as raw as it gets in the commercial hip hop game - a world where old white guys in suits dictate what's hot in the streets, dog. 

"This n**** named Jimmy that was snitchin on my team - died in a car accident, that's a beautiful thing." - Uncle Murda, freestyle

Can you understand now how I go from Dead Infections  "A Chapter of Accidents" to this? What is more anti-christian and necro than finding beauty in the death of an enemy? That's a Viking value.

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