Sunday, October 30, 2011

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(musicians in Argos, Greece. Not Hedon Cries)

Hedon Cries
Hedon Cries from Argos, Greece play beautiful, well written Doom/Death Metal. Though they allow the songs to flourish with somber, eurodoom melancholy and gallop with epic metal majesty, they never betray a backbone of oldschool blackened Death Metal. Attention is payed to every subtle detail and they display a talent for the nuances that make for memorable songwriting, however, Hedon Cries completely forgoes clean vocals and uses keyboards sparsely - endearing them to a diehard Death Metalhead like me. This careful balance of regal, high brow, melodic sensibilities and guttural, pounding, atmospheric core is often laughable in less capable hands, but these guys drive it home and leave nothing wanting in composition, execution or production. What's more, they want  you to have their latest full length album, "The End of the Path is Nigh", for free, so they put it up for free download. It was released through a net label called Torn Flesh Records, which has released tons of stuff for free. I'll post more on them once I wade through a few more releases.
Hedon Cries website

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