Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm offended. Seriously.

His hat says "Ghetto". THIS IS WHERE I LIVE . I have never thought of the nieghborhood I grew up in as "ghetto", but the people who live in the rich side of Huntington do, as they petitioned the town last year, successfully, to close the elementary school around the corner from the house I grew up in due to chronic shootings in the area. It seems that the concern was only that rich kids were being bussed into our part of Huntington Station - not that poor kids have to live here. Last weekend my father heard gunshots early in the morning, turns out some guy got shot 6 times in the legs. He lived, the guy who got shot two days later died in the street. This all happens within 2 or 3 blocks of where I grew up. I consider myself "lower middle class", "blue collar", etc... but these are meaningless terms used to further segregate those of us who are truly effected by real life issues like these due to where we live. Day to day - drugs, money, race, gangs, violence and crime are all stressors that my nieghbours and I can not run from, but rather sleep with, and this arrogant, rich little prick ironically wears his fucking "ghetto"hat. Hey Justin, ever get your bike stolen because you're white? Ever have a friend who's younger sister whores herself for drugs? Ever know someone who traded food stamps for cash to buy liquor? Ever see Salvadorians having a machete fight on the street on Thanksgiving while your grandma's in the car? Fuck you, corporate rich kid. Uncle Murda needs to punch Justin Beiber and rap about it. You think it sucks being a nature loving, misanthropic metalhead in Norway? Try the hood, where romance and atmosphere are dead.

"Black seeds of vengeance" - Nile

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