Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reppin it

Yeah, that's Jimmy from The Communion rocking the Buckshot Facelift demo shirt. Caught you, bro! This guy does more for the underground scene on any given day then I've done all year.  If you're not familiar with these unsung heroes of D.I.Y. then you need to get down, fast. No genre to pin down, just ugly, dark and loud - not to mention some of the best and most original lyrics and song titles I have ever read. Nick, their vocalist, has an amazing gift for disturbing wordplay and creepy stage presence. These guys have endured about a dozen drummers, buried one of their founding members last year and played in the Adirondacks in a trailer (or so I heard). They are a staple of the NY grind/metal scene and work extra hard to support it, with no egos or BS. Here's a link to the band blog, which has free downloads and 5 years worth of back posts for those wanting to catch up with the saga. It's worth checking out for Nicks writing style alone - I want the homie to write my wedding vows one day. Love you, Lee. You will never be forgotten. Matter of fact, I love all those Communion guys (no homo).
"Always rep your friends" - Jon Berg
Nick has an awesome personal blog  - horror movies, grim social commentary, politics, and lots of disturbing pictures. Very informative, insightful and more often than not hilarious.
And for those of you with a strong constitution, you can check out Nicks blog of graphic, visceral writings at the link below.
Bricks are delicious

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