Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Guttural Prog from Sweden

Wow. An Infinite Dream Sequence from Sweden were a short lived two man project who only put out 2 demos and a full length, "The Series of Reveries Subsides", between 2008 and 2010, then split up. They are a hard rascal to pin down - if nothing else this was something completely different and fresh in Death Metal. It's very over the top with prog and jazz, often soaring into overdrive symphonic video game music territory, but then stabilizing itself with  nordic metal strides and pig grunt - sewage blastbeats. That doesn't even do it justice - though leaving an understated legacy, this was for sure a freak of forward thinking guttural Death Metal.   From what I know they released everything on the internet for free, but alot of the links don't work anymore. This was actually kind of hard to find, so don't let this Death Metal treasure go completely under the radar.

An Infinite Dream Sequence

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