Saturday, November 12, 2011

West Coast Shit

I don't know about you guys, but I'm loving how the Neo-90s Death Metal thing is exploding all over lately. GORESKIN COFFIN (love the name) from northern California play evil sounding dark death metal prone to Immolation like atmosphere and even some classic Scandinavian sounding bleakness. Though they often rival classic Czech bands of yore in relentless rounds of blasting and brutality, they seem to do so almost subconciously as they effortlessly shift gears into bleak melodic skepticism. This is Death Metal that shows the genre can evolve while still evoking classic nostalgia. Well done and well produced with a thick wall of sound, their EP, "Corpse Filled Caskets", stands out both for its innovation and its timelessness. They thought you deserve to have it for free because you have a computer and the internet. Listen to the song "Dominion" for a quasi-Finnish foray into despondent metal territory. Don't be a dick and miss this, Paulo.

Goreskin Coffin

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  1. YO FUCK THIS....okay, I'll dl it. Good lookin' out.