Sunday, November 13, 2011

Excellent New Finnish Death Metal (for FREE)

Solothus from Finland play very thick, stomping Death/Doom - the highlights of which are the furious, throaty sounding guttural vocals and dirgy funeral march breakdowns that often evoke the feel of classic obscure Finnish bands of yesteryear. A very oldschool Sabbath atmosphere puncuates the whole affair without overshadowing the Death Metal vibe. This is thoroughly Death Metal, only trailing off enough to allow the guitars to flourish over doomy passages, creating a very addictive signature sound. Solothus is perfectly Finnish - raw and brutal enough to please the most hardened death metal warrior, but with that extra touch of heady atmosphere which borders on the psychedelic.  I look forward to listening to this as the first snow covers Long Island this year. Download their 3 song demo, "Ritual of the Horned Skull", from Facebook like a nerd.

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