Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sarsekim - "Fathom the Spheres" (2009)

Sarsekim from Australia do a really interesting take on middle of the road Death crossed with some old European sounding passages, never over thrashing or teching out too far, but keeping a nice, professional balance between classic oldschool Florida style Death Metal and deep, melodic flourishes of progressive guitar fusion. The vocals are a little deeper and more brutal than the traditional high pitch Schuldiner rasp that a lot of Death influenced bands go for, which never appealed very much to me anyway (All respect to Chuck though, R.I.P.).This is a very interesting record that grew on me after a few listens, and what I like is that it satisfies my need for exotic arrangements, rhythms and melodies without ever leaving Death Metal in the background. From what I recall, this album was self financed and released for free, but the website is now down so I have no official link. A bunch of other blogs have it so if you have a computer and Internet you'll probably be able to figure something out.This might be another one to give a second listen to if you're still bummed by the new piece of garbage Morbid Angel album.

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  1. Hi Dutchblaster.

    Aaron from Sarsekim here. Thanks for your review. We are currently working on a new album. Drums, bass and most of guitars are done.

    Check out our music at

    New site will be launched with upcoming album. Cheers.