Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Finnish heat in the game, shit is real...

Apocryfal, from Finland, manage to take the traditional Finnish approach to Death Metal - doomy, guttural and distant, and filter it through an updated sense of brutality and rage that, at times, sounds more like 1993 Suffocation than 1993 Amorphis. They do not stop to groove very much at all, and opt to blast and barrage their way through most of the 3 songs, pausing only occasionally for bleak nods to melodicism and trudging double bassy parts that have more in common with marching through snow than stomping out mosh pits. The release itself is produced very well and has better sound than some full length albums. Highly recommended, ladies and gentlemen. Light a cigar to this one.
Apocryfal on Death Metal Invasion

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