Thursday, August 2, 2012

Code Hendershaw! (Scattered Remnants Cover)

Morbid Crucifixion is a one man project from Israel that claims to be influenced specifically by the Indonesian guttural slam Death Metal scene and Satan. As if that doesn't make him ridiculously Kult and obscure enough, he has recorded what is, to my knowledge, the first official Scattered Remnants cover song - "Profanation of Christ", which, with its dramatic "Fuck your god" breakdown, obviously takes on a whole new tone having originally been written in New England and now being performed in Israel, of all places. This immediately caught my attention when perusing recently for new bands, as I am a long time Scattered Remnants devotee - almost as long as I've even been into Death Metal at all. I was not disappointed - for one man using a drum machine, he did an impressive job capturing the song in a lo fi guttural context. Opting to replace some of Jay Hendershaws legendary murder shrieks with cricket croaks and inhales was an interesting idea, as were the subtle changes in certain rhythms that updated the song from 90s stoicism to early 2000s slam and grind. The solo was classy - just enough to put an original signature on it without changing anything too big.  Right at the end, he even gives you some of those previously mentioned murder shrieks to show that low end creak vocals are, as always, a choice and not a last resort. My only question is - why did it take 15 years and some guy in Israel to do a Scattered Remnants cover? Check it out for yourself, you can download all his releases for free:

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