Friday, April 13, 2012

New Zealand Death Metal History

I think it was Adam who gave me the Eviscerate "Severely Butchered Remains" 1993 demo many years ago, when we used to get so many demos we swapped them like baseball cards. While home sick today from a brutal stomach virus, I did a little research and found some other obscure bands from New Zealand that were active almost 20 years ago, in the year 1993, that magical 12 months of Death Metal history... Although at first these bands may seem a little slow and trying, I have definitely noticed an emphasis on American style guttural vocals and gore, but slowed down to lingering atmospheres that predate the current "post-" or "funeral doom" scenes. This is very dark, raw stuff - give it a minute to settle in.

Here's a sample of the Eviscerate demo (primitive but effective):

This is my personal favorite oldschool New Zealand band - Convulsion. Check the interesting vocal techniques:

Then there's this scary shit, Sinistrous Diabolus - masters of the impending doom buildup:

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