Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jarkko Rantanen - Death Metal Champion

Young Jarkko Rantanen was clearly born to innovate Death Metal regardless of any obstacles that got in his way. Born in Loimaa, Finland (population 7000) - it seems by the time he was ready to jam in 1991, all the other Metal bros in town had already formed Demigod, and he was assed out on his own. Despite being odd man out in the middle of Finland, Jarkko somehow managed to scrape together some friends and recorded a demo that got them signed to Apidocere records. You can read my "anniversary" review of the 7" that followed HERE . Though he never managed to keep a solid lineup, Jarkko and drum/guitar partner Seppo Taatila never let this hold them back - at two seperate points in their career they had to take time off so a member could learn to play drums out of neccessity!. It is also noteworthy that Jarkko's brother, Turkka, wrote all of their cryptic mythologicial lyrics and painted the covers to all of their releases.
 I truly believe having such a varied and chaotic path of converging and ever-changing creative energies infused Adramelech with something special that only comes around every so often in our scene. Don't take my long winded fanboy version of it though - here's the official biography on
From what I recall, this is taken almost word for word from an old interview that was on their myspace years ago. Also, their Encyclopedia Metallum status lists them as "On Hold"...
 With Demigod playing MDF this year, I can only cross my fingers and hope that their "little brother" Jarkko comes to Maryland next year to once again show who the most brutal and obscure Loimaa band really is...

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