Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Canadian Death Metal (REALLY Good!)

Xyphos from Canada, boys, Xyphos from Canada.... I can't help but describe this as sounding alot like Godless Truth's demo and first two albums but with much better vocals. Not to spite Martin of Godless Truth, but Xyphos display an excellent croak-like, dry, guttural voice which is frequently accented by a consistent mid-range black metal snarl. To call it "Tech-death" seems kind of a misnomer. Don't get me wrong - the music displays above average competency and experience, but  has a straight-forward, choppy feel that reminds me of the late nineties, when Death Metal bands were having fun with breakdowns and hadn't gone completely overboard yet. They always keep things interesting with touches of clean guitar, dark melodies and the occasional technical flair, but nothing sounds forced or out of place and they seem pretty comfortable confining their depth and attention to detail to the realm of Death Metal alone, which is cake for you and me. Here's a link to Death Metal Invasion, where I downloaded their EP, "What Comes Before", for free. Be careful, you might get lost in Death Metal Invasion for awhile, so much free Metal...

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