Sunday, February 12, 2012

The True Egyptian Death Metal...

Tomb raider?
I fucking love Nile, and we all know Karl Sanders is the man, but let's face facts - you're a good old American whiteboy, Karl. You had a really good run of it so far, but apparently Egypt is ready to stop sub-contracting their Death Metal to Ozzfest via South Carolina. Egypt's Zajal have released a 7 song "demo" (could have been a debut EP if you ask me) and it's nothing short of a monstrosity. The overall production is thick and unrefined - if they were trying to sound like a meaty analog Death Metal recording from the early nineties then mission accomplished. The music itself is punishing, driving guttural Death Metal that draws influence from the oldschool European and Florida scenes with an updated sense of blasting and technicality- not very melodic, but with a very dark, mysterious atmosphere all the same. And, yes, they have intros and interludes that sound like what I imagine traditional Egyptian music sounds like. This is not The Rock and Brendan Frasier cashing in while rewriting history with a western bias, this is not big Karl's pharaoh fantasy, this is the true Egyptian Death Metal.  And they do a Death cover.


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