Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hours of Free Proggy Swedish Metal

Count the strings.

Pandemonium from Sweden have been very busy the last 14 years making progressive, melodic Death/Doom Metal that at times might be just a little too euro-epic and over the top for some. I would recommend the 2002 full length album, "Insomnia". This release, at times, can be very crunchy and guttural, but also tastefully uses keyboards and Dream Theatre-like instrumental passages to stand alone as an eccentric offshoot of the classic Swedish Death and Doom Metal innovators. As opposed to genre-mashing bands like Between the Buried and Me, Pandemonium seamlessly blend dark Black and Death Metal influences with intricate, dream-like atmospheres, and consistently weave the different instrumentation and techniques they employ like a well written movie.Not the most brutal thing you're going to find, but something different and interesting for sure. They have decided to make available their entire back catalog for free download on their website, so you be the judge.

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