Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The original Black Metal "Cradle"...

0:28 - Underground tape trading
1:06 -  Is that an upside down cross?
2:27 - Billy clearly reveals a huge upside down cross on his chest and points to it
2:46 - 2:56 - Billy simulates strangling a woman who looks like Marilyn Monroe and throws her away
3:26 - Billy gets so horny he invents Black Metal vocals
4:17 - haunted stereo
The dorky guy lives in the city but is locked away in his apartment with no adventure. He is afraid to leave the house because he is fearful of his own primal nature and sexuality. The woman in red is Satan come to set him free through lust and music. At the end of the video it is she who is thankful. This is because Satan is the primal nature and sexuality of man, and the dorky guy has allowed her to survive. This is why he gladly affirms her presence and passes her on to the younger man at the end.

Happy New Year, Naganooch...

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