Friday, January 6, 2012


Ryan, ex-Dimentianon drummer. Nice shirt, champ.
Found this shot of Ryan making a questionable fashion statement while looking for Dimentianon interviews. Sadly, all of the guys pictured in the interview besides Mike, what I refer to as the "silver age" lineup, have gone their separate ways. I don't talk to those guys as much as I used to, but still consider anyone who was ever in that band a friend to some degree or another. I have fond memories of playing shows with Dimentianon and relying on Paragon Records for support back when I was in Biolich and will always feel indebted to them for how welcoming they were to me and my bands through the years, practically since I first started making music.

Here's what they've been up to lately, a recently released album entitled "Collapse the Void",  featuring Pete Christopher (Arti Brain drummer Winter season 2010), returned bassist Maureen (originally of the "golden age" lineup from back in the 90s), and famed Hungarian Death Metal guitar virtuoso, "Salty" Z. Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill a guest vocal appearance on the new album for various reasons, which is regretful. This may be the most well produced, well written and dynamic Dimentianon release ever. All hype aside, this is an excellent sounding album and is a true testament to perseverance in the underground metal scene.

And for those who want to reminisce, here's a link to the "Silver age" lineup interview:
Minacious Webzine

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