Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Morals like frozen piss" is a line from a Thought Industry song

While editing that last post, I stumbled across this - a new Biolich guitar cover on youtube - posted just earlier this month. Brought back memories of when we wrote that song in Andrews basement. For the record, I came up with the little guitar/bass/drum/vox pass-off routine between 1:04 - 1:10 - I'm all about teamwork, bro. The birds at the end of the song during the fadeout were completely accidental, I swear. We recorded the drums in a friends basement and he left the window open. We couldn't have pulled that off if we tried. One more thing, I have NEVER performed clean vocals on any recording for any band, ever - it's not me, I swear. Anyway, nice job, dude, I'm glad someone got something out of all the shit we went through.

And here is the original "Morals..." guitar cover by the guitarist of Level Above Human. Ironically, Kylesa was one of Dan Olivencias favorite bands around the Biolich era. Level Above Human sent me their EP a few years ago and it never left my car. As a matter of fact I was just playing it last night for Adam Rotella and he remarked that it reminded him of Damnable from Poland. Certainly a fitting comparison in terms of over the top guttural vocals and powerhouse, wall of sound death metal. L.A.H. are a modern beast all to themselves, though, and push the barriers of this style with jazz and electronic music excursions to break up the breakneck gravy gurgles that might bring to mind a certain shitty band of NY wierdos that broke up forever in 2006.Here they are  keeping it sick and displaying awesome hair in their Gothenburg rehearsal spot. Apparently somebody says something funny in Swedish at the end of the video.

Biolich @ Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn. 3/9/06. Notice Ra (Black baseball
jersey, left/above Andrews head) singing along. I am buried in the crowd.
This was a Palindrome show booked by Mary and Walter. Sigh...
All bullshit aside, you creepy Biolich fans that keep coming out of the woodwork are the reason I'm still doing this and singing for Artificial Brain instead of selling my microphone and impregnating a woman who has good credit. One of you freaks even made this:

I obviously know who it is, and so will Andrew and Dan. There was only one Biolich fan so meticulous and precise as to know the inner workings of the band good enough to get this so right. You marvelous bastard. Well, Biolich is definitely dead forever, boys. And for the record, I still do not condone the unofficial leak of "Sparrows and Wheel barrows". If you rock that shit I don't want to know about it.

"May those hollow sockets never find eyes to see the beast that stands in it's place"
-Biolich, " Time Kills Everything"

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