Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Satanic Ice Ritual

Best present ever: not being born in Siberia, where a large population of young people end up doing a drug that makes crack or meth look like a trip to Disney World. It is to heroin what bathtub moonshine is to Zima. It's called Krokodil (because users skin turns green and scaly like a crocodile) and it makes your flesh rot away.  Let's hope this catches on with heroin obsessed American Black Metal bands.Warning: extremely goregrind and dark. Peep it:


In other sad news, the Vatican condemned attacks on churches during christmas services by Islamist extremists in Nigeria today. I guess the pope is still on the fence about the whole child molesting thing, but at least he has his mind made up when you start killing people who are his main source of revenue. Not to make light of this tragedy, but this officially means black people are better at Black Metal than white people - all results/ no music.

Best Smith family Christmas day dinner quote:
"The best Black Metal band in the world today is this band, ""Revenge", from Canada".
- Adam Rotella

You be the judge...

Merry reverse hymen christ burst to all and to all a good night.

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