Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FORCED (Long Island)

I caught this power trio in Copiague, Long Island with The Communion on December 14th. I was taken aback by the intensity of their set, as well as the interesting and unexpected technical Black/Doom Metal they performed tightly and with sophisticated determination. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I think I hear the distant wailing echoes of the early 90's south shore pre-screamo hardcore bands every once in awhile. These guys have something dark, heartfelt and brutal going on right under our noses here on the 100 mile sandbar.... Download the demo on Bandcamp.

What's even cooler, if you go see them New Years Day in Glen Cove, Long Island with Axis, Detriment and a whole bunch of other bands I'm too old to have heard of, you can get in with a discount if you take the train and for free if it's your first hardcore show. Talk about keeping shit real and doing it for the kids....

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