Sunday, October 28, 2012

Milhouse R.I.P. (Long Island Hardcore)

Milhouse was just one of the many frantic, shrieky DIY bands of the hardcore renaissance that took place here on Long Island in the mid to late nineties. They were the guys selling silk screened patches and 7"s while playing local church basements and VFW halls. Though many oldschool scene veterans around here may share contrasting personal opinions about the members of the band and the legacy they left, I prefer to let the music speak for itself and reminisce over their shadowy pseudo satanic angle and aesthetics of youthful Long Island angst. In many ways I see Milhouse as an unrefined precursor to the screamo and noise rock that would rise to popularity in the years following their demise. Unless I'm going crazy, it is also very easy to draw alot of parallels to primitive european  black metal in Milhouse's bleached out sandpaper vocals and dissonant, hollow chords. Regardless, they are one of my all time favorite bands and certainly a big influence on what I contribute to Buckshot Facelift. Enjoy.

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