Friday, June 29, 2012

While you were sleeping...

6/28/12 @ St. Vitus
Catbomb presents:

The Communion
Wake the Machines (Cali)
Radiation Blackbody

Yeah, Paulo and I rolled out and supported the scene. So did about a dozen or so scene drifters, including big Andrew Hock himself, what a coincky-dink. Here's how shit went down:

-Grudges was awesome. Definite euro-grind LDOH,Nyctophobic mixed with powerviolence thing happening. Sweet hyperblasts. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys play for a bigger crowd.

-Radiation Blackbody. Respect. You guys should check that shit out, seriously. I'm going to see them next time they play. Fuck Yea Radiation Blackbody.
-Wake The Machines -Noisy noise grind. I think some of this was improvised maybe - these guys are A OK with me though because the drummer gave me a great deal on some fuckin cassettes! I'll post reviews and pictures of what I got when I have a chance.

-The Communion - Nick definitely stripped down to his boxers, whipped himself with a belt and mooned the crowd at several points. Joe was the only person in the house who managed to attend both this show, as well as the big Death/Gorguts tribute in Manhattan on the same night. Jimmy and Bill were cool as cucumbers, as usual.

Conclusion: The Communion wins in a narrow finish with Radiation Blackbody. Wake The Machines gets the merch award and Grudges are creeping on the comeup. Sorry boys, it's all about personality...

Where's Walter?

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