Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free amphibian obsessed noisecore

Toad Birth. Don't get the wrong idea, they are completely pro - Toads to the point of being anti-human. Amazingly enough, someone out there has gone to the trouble of painstakingly replicating trademark elements of the Anal Birth sound and design, but mixed it with amphibians as the theme instead of extreme gore. The same party is apparently responsible for a number of other projects that all seem to rely on an obsessive, technical biological information about frogs, toads, salamanders, etc. replacing where bands such as Lymphatic Phlegm would have paragraphs of pathological text about diseases and gory accidents. Toad Birth and Phyllomedusa seem to be the two most sustained and "human friendly" of all these recordings to me as a noisecore fan so far, but you can be the judge at this blog full of free downloads by an extremely strange and prolific noise artist/amphibian rights activist.



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  2. FROGBLASTINGGRINDINGCHAOTICFITHYFILTHFUCKINGFILTH is about all I can say about it! Check it out! NOW I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!